Reminiscence Kits

In each reminiscence kit we try to include something for every sense, touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell, and something creative, intellectual and physical. When one sense is lost then it can be therapeutic to touch on another sense. These kits are made individually and although most of the contents will be the same, we reserve the right to substitute items of equal value that we feel will still complete the kits needs. The kits' box is labelled with the theme name for easy reference when on a shelf. Buy only one kit a month and at the end of the year you will have 12 kits that will save you a lot of time when you are needing a way to reminisce. These kits are designed by a Geriatric Activity Coordinator. They can be used with a small group or an individual. The kits come with a binder that gives ideas for different ways the kit can be used and what the benefits are. Most of the items in each kit are new but we will include some older, gently used items, if available, as they do spark memories and social interaction. Check out the Remember This? section to see items that we have found that might be a great addition a reminiscence program or display.

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